Mission Statement

To have an interactive program for the management of noxious weeds and pests, within the boundaries of Big Horn County, while aiding in the protection, preservation and enhancement of natural resources.  To promote and coordinate the management and control of noxious weeds and pests.  Integrate pest management techniques, cooperation with landowners, agencies, organizations, and by providing technical expertise and educational opportunities to all within the county.

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Who is Weed & Pest?

Big Horn County Weed and Pest is a special District that contracts with County, State and Federal Agencies in the aid of control, and desirably, the eradication of listed noxious weeds.  Weed and Pest crews spray designated areas set by individual agencies that are in need of control. 

All entities benefit as a whole from this working relationship. Bighorn National Forest is a head water for many creeks and streams in our county, therefore, eliminating weed populations can prevent the spread of these invasive species into other areas of the county.