Who is Big Horn County Weed & Pest?

Big Horn County Weed and Pest Control District is a county entity authorized by Wyoming Statute 11-5-101. The purpose of this special district is to implement and carry out programs that effectively control noxious weeds and pests that have been State and County designated (see below).  In order to fulfill these duties, Big Horn County Commissioners appoint seven board members that represent different areas around the county.  The District is then funded through a 2 mil levy of county tax dollars based on the valuation of Big Horn County and approved by the County Commissioners. 

The staff at Weed and Pest are hired as needed to be able to fulfill the duties placed upon our district. The district provides several different services to Big Horn residents.  These include, but not limited to, the sale of pesticides to local taxpayers, including products to aide in the control of noxious weeds and pests.  Cost share programs  treatment options are targeting whitetop, russian knapweed, russian olive and saltcedar, irrigation districts, grasshopper and mormon crickets, weed free forage certification, specific priority noxious weeds and weed identification and treatment consultation on non-crop private properties.

Big Horn County Weed and Pest is responsible for enforcing the Wyoming Weed and Pest Act. We are one of the few districts that have a district-wide quarantine which requires that before any crop such as alfalfa, grass, small grains, straw and similar crops and commodities that can be harvested and moved off the land it was grown on, it must be inspected by a certified inspector from the district, and be released to be transported.  Also offered is Weed Free Forage certification and Pit Inspection, this is to limit the spread of noxious weeds. These approved forage certifications are marked with purple and yellow twine and red tags, pit inspections receive a certification of inspection.

We strive as stewards of this land, to manage areas and protect or enhance these values, allowing others to manage the biodiversity and natural heritage though the initiation of Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) along with control techniques to keep new noxious weeds out of the County, resulting in saving money in future control costs and protecting our native ecosystems and at their natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.

2020 Seasonal Employees:

Back Pack Crew:
Mellicent Call, Jared Tolman, Isaac Stanworth, Colan Cheatham

Equipment Crew:
Payton Brown, Tate Clutter, Tyler Collingwood, Cory Call

Wyoming Weed & Pest Control Act

"Designated Noxious Weed" means the weeds, seeds or other plant parts that are considered detrimental, destructive, injurious or poisonous, either by virtue of their direct effect or as carriers of diseases or parasites that exist within this state, and are on the designated list, which is formed by joint resolution of the Wyoming Board of Agriculture and the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council. If a plant is listed as a Designated Noxious Weed, that listing provides statewide legal authority to regulate and manage it.